Changing climate and aquatic ecosystems: looking back to move forward  

SYMPOSIUM TITLE: Changing climate and aquatic ecosystems: looking back to move forward

ORGANIZERS: Robert Al-Chokhachy
Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center
US Geological Survey
Bozeman, MT 59715
(406) 994-7842

Dan Isaak
Rocky Mountain Research Station
U.S. Forest Service
Boise, ID 83702

DESCRIPTION:  Changing air temperature and precipitation patterns associated with global climate change have, and will, substantially alter aquatic ecosystems. For fishes, changing stream temperature and hydrologic regimes will likely influence the distribution patterns, community interactions, life-histories, and fitness of individual species. Changing climatic conditions are also likely to influence watershed characteristics, geomorphic patterns, riparian conditions, macroinvertebrate assemblages, and primary productivity. The changes associated with climate change, together with human population growth and use of natural resources will have profound influences on how and where we manage and conserve species and aquatic ecosystems this century. There has been considerable effort and rapid advances in recent decades to develop a better understanding of linkages between climate and aquatic ecosystems so that future risks and uncertainties can be accurately assessed but important knowledge gaps remain. This symposium will present papers addressing a range of climate-aquatics research, including: 1) how recent research is building on some of the pioneering climate-related efforts; 2) emerging approaches and new technologies that elucidate patterns and processes related to climate; 3) results from climate-related research on stream temperature and hydrology that add to the growing body of information; 4) case-histories about biological effects associated with long-term climate change, and 5) how climate research is being implemented in current management and conservation strategies. At the conclusion of the symposium, a panel discussion to address the greatest uncertainties and management needs for aquatic ecosystems will be held.

Written by fisheriestn on February 7th, 2012