On behalf of the Colorado-Wyoming (CO-WY) Chapter of the American Fisheries Society, we invite you to join us in Jackson, Wyoming, March 26–29 for the 2012 Western Division of the American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting.  The meeting will be held at the Snow King Resort.

The theme of the meeting is “Ecosystem management in a Twitter world,” where social scientists and natural resource managers will discuss the difficulties and approaches to conducting long-term, ecosystem level management in a society that expects instant results.



Recent News

The Spawning Run:

Twenty-one 2012 Western Division meeting attendees participated in the Spawning Run in Jackson, WY on March 28th.  Despite a slushy course, they finished in grand style.  The winner, Adam Sepulveda, completed the 5K in just 18 minutes and 23 seconds.  The top 5 race times are listed below.

Name, Last

Name, First

















The finalized list of submitted abstracts and schedule are now online

Details on the spawning run can be found HERE

Guidelines for those presenting oral presentations and posters are now online

Forum discussion on Environmental DNA (eDNA)

5:45-6:30pm Tuesday, March 27

Environmental DNA (eDNA) is a new tool for detecting species of conservation concern and invasive species when they are at low densities.  Organized by Andrew Ray and Adam Sepulveda (USGS, Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center).  We would like to host an informal discussion that brings together managers and researchers that are currently using eDNA or that would like to learn more about eDNA.  Our goals are to (1) provide a venue for those that would like to learn more about eDNA,  (2) provide a forum to discuss successes, failures, and challenges associated with eDNA monitoring, and (3) provide a forum to discuss needs for monitoring species of conservation concern and invasive species and to air criticisms or concerns about the DNA-based monitoring approach.  This gathering is open to all and emphasis will be placed on introducing those interested in using eDNA to one another.

Request for Raffle Submissions:

We are compiling items to raise money to help defray meeting costs and provide much needed funds for scholarships and other important monetary requests.  We’d greatly appreciate any personal donations.  Donations can be anything from money, artwork, or gift certificates, to fishing trips, tackle, hand-made goods and more.  Anything and everything helps.  Please help out and give a donation today.  To donate, contact Dan Brauch (Dan.Brauch@state.co.us) or Anna Senecal (Anna.Senecal@wyo.gov).

Photo Contest:

One of the perks of our work is that we are often spending time in some of the most scenic areas of the country and have opportunities to view and photograph many types of wildlife.  We also get an opportunity to admire many interesting fish specimens.  If you took advantage of these photo opportunities by snapping a shot, YOU can help the Raffle Committee’s fundraising efforts by sending in your photos for our 2012 Western Division Annual Meeting photo contest.  We will print and frame the top 3 winners and will raffle them off in our silent or live auctions.  Besides helping us out in our fundraising efforts, you can be honored for your photographic skills and may even win a small prize!  We will also be including all submissions in a slide show to be viewed during the meeting.  Thanks for taking the time to browse your photo files and send us an entry or two for the contest!

The deadline to submit submissions to Dan Brauch (Dan.Brauch@state.co.us) is March 12nd.

Trade Show:

Vendors – Tables are still available in our trade show area.  For more information please contact Steve Gale (Steve.Gale@wyo.gov).


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